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  • A Return To the Tenth Floor
    It's the Labour Day/Wesak Day long weekend. We were unsure if we were able to travel 500 klicks plus change to the old house back on the Tenth Floor in Kuala Lumpur . We h
  • A Universe Ahead To Explore
    Coming to television this fall is the third series to be set in a very well known, visual-media-based science fiction universe. This time instead of having a proper base o
  • Tablets Seem Fun To Work With
    Tablet PC s, used by the personnel of Stargate Command's Atlantis Expedition (particularly Dr. Rodney McKay) seem to be cool little gadgets to work with. I wish I can buy
  • Stargate Atlantis on TV2 tonight
    Stargate Atlantis is on TV2 Thurdsay nights at 9.00 pm. It started 2 weeks ago with the two-part pilot episode "The Rising". Score one for sci-fi television on Malaysian T
  • Instinct on Atlantis
    Once upon a time I read the premise of Stargate Atlantis before they aired its pilot episode "The Rising". I never would have thought the simple premise of an internationa
  • What Happened on Independence Day 2005?
    What happened was that a bunch of my old classmates and I (with some of our family) met at 1 Utama mall in Bandar Utama. We then proceeded to the open air Rainforest locat

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