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  • Westward Comp Copy!
    A package arrived the other day... ... from Brett Pisinski of Wicked North Games. It be the complimentary copy of Westward RPG! Westward is a game of steampunk western gam
  • Westward is Released!
    Westward , the role-playing game from Wicked North Games whose development I have been involved with in this past year, has finally been released. Westward is a game of st
  • Westward Art: Sneak Attack
    Recently, I was assigned to draw a vertical "sneak attack" scene for Wicked North Games' upcoming Westward RPG. The scene involved a dark-clad assassin about to attack a n
  • Westward RPG: Brawling
    I sometimes use MyPaint , an open source painting program to create my work. It has less features than GIMP, but I love how the brush paint digitally as I move the Wacom t
  • Westward Scenes
    Here are some scenes I drew as filler are in the Characters, Attributes and Skills section of the Westward RPG by Wicked North Games. These scenes, also drawn by Alexander
  • Westward Locations Artwork 2
    This is the second of two blog posts featuring location artwork of cities and prefectures on the planet Westward, where human colonists have been marooned for centuries wi
  • Westward Locations Artwork 1
    More Westward RPG artwork were commissioned by Wicked North Games, and for this batch they have ordered location artwork of various cities and prefectures on Westward. Her
  • Westward RPG Critters - Part 4
    Some more bizarre alien creatures were commissioned by Wicked North Games for their space steampunk western role-playing game Westward ! While you're riding a shieldhorse
  • Westward Concept: Tusker
    So, let me ask you this: what do you suppose is the medium used to draw the above concept sketch of the Tusker for the Westward RPG bestiary?
  • Westward RPG Critters - Part 3
    This series of creatures I drew for Westward RPG from Wicked North Games is special. I was tasked with proposing and designing these beasts from scratch. Once approved by
  • Westward RPG Critters - Part 2
    Here are four more preview creatures from Wicked North Games' Westward RPG! Sure it's a steampunk western set in space, but what sort of strange critters would PCs be up a
  • Westward RPG Critters - Part 1
    Wicked North Games, who produced the Azamar role-playing game, using the Cinema6 engine, based on the classic West End Games' Open D6 system, will be producing a new RPG.
  • Westward RPG - Creature Sketches
    Wicked North Game has been busy developing a new role-playing game using their Cinema 6 variant of the Open D6 system, entitled Westward . I have been given the task to vi

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