Damage Report

As much as I’m extremely happy there’s roof over our heads (and ten floors plus change beneath us), I am very much zonked out by the accumulating damages in our house for the sole reason that the building was 10 years old when we moved in. It’s a great place to be, but we need to move out of here so we don’t spend a bomb monthly on fuel costs and waste hours every day travelling to work, which is right across the city.

But before we can move out, we’ll have to sell the place cause we can’t really spend on rent on our income. (Not to mention transporting our stuff would also cost us some money.)

And before we can sell the place there are a few things on the wishlist that need to be addressed.

Firstly, the building needs to be more presentable. That’s currently being fullfilled right now. The management is repainting the two blocks of our apartment building. Of course, they’re charging us more money on top of the maintenance fee we have to pay every month…

Secondly, there are lots of damages in the house instead that we need to repair. Here’s a list, off the top of my head:

  • Bathroom tiles are coming off, revealing pockets of loose sand underneath instead of solid cement.
  • Massive termite damage on the parquet floor of the third room. The wall behind where the destroyed bookcase used to be are badly stained by their work.
  • Termite damage to the bathroom doors and doorframe. A change to PVC is a change for the better.
  • Water seepage from the wall above the TV during heavy rain and a particular wind direction. Its short term effect is the collection of rainwater behind the TV and long term, mildew is starting to colour the wall.
  • The second bathroom plumbing broke near its emergence point from the wall, thanks to my knee hitting a connecting pipe. Now the entire bathroom’s water main has to be shut off or water will just come shooting out the piping.

We’ve gone to see a contractor for a quote, and he’s given us something to the tune of RM 5000. We’ll be looking for other quotes before deciding on one. And even after deciding on one, we’ll still have to raise the money for the repair.

So the bottom line is we’ll have to spend a large amount of money to live here because we can’t afford to spend an extraordinary amount of money to move out and get another place.

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