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An Awesome Trip To The National Museum!

I haven’t been to the Muzium Negara this century. So we thought we’d take a drive there with Irfan who has requested a visit there for several weeks now. Unfortunately someone (well, two humans) made an illegal u-turn at a stop-light, causing the column of cars behind them to brake immediately. It was no problem for us, really. I braked on time. However, the guy behind us did not. But I’m thankful, cause this is quite a minor fender-bender. A quick talk, and we’re off again. No fuss, no muss. I mean, it’s not like it’s a major accident which causes a person to break their leg, blood everywhere with bones sticking out of wounds at odd angles. Or an accident that strips the skin and flesh off the shin of a person. Or an accident that smashes a person’s patella, requiring many surgery session to remove the small bits […]

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A Letter To The United States

I don’t usually write long letters nowadays thanks to the internet, which allows you to communicate immediately to family and friends with concise information almost everyday, if need be. This has the result of never requiring to long letters to tell other people the various things that happen to you in a single long document. Recently I’ve had to write a pretty long email to Irfan and Alya’s Atok and Opah who are still in Ohio playing with little Alya. I should try to summarize the email here, however I will just let you read an excerpt from it. From the Federal Highway we decided to take the Sprint elevated highway that would cut across the University Malaya hills to PJ. As we went up the highway a speed sensor tagged the car in front of us at 65kph. It moved sideways into the left lane and slowed down. The […]

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A Strange Place To Lie Down and Rest

On the way back from the Sungai Merab area, where the PLUS highway intersects with the ELITE highway right by the exit to Universiti Putra Malaysia, the traffic slowed down considerably. This was strange because I’ve never experienced a traffic jam of this magnitude before at this particular location. Which leads me to believe something’s up front. [[image:toppledtruck00.jpg:Highway blues:center:0]] The road curves downward before climbing back up, and I lost sight of the road before me. [[image:toppledtruck01.jpg:Closer:center:0]] Then finally, TA-DAAHH! [[image:toppledtruck02.jpg:On its side:center:0]] But don’t worry. The drivers were fine although they looked a bit dazed crouching on the far side of the wreck, waiting for assistance to arrive.

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Not Usually Found On Roads

So the other night I saw something on the road – placed squarely flat on the asphalt – that I’ve not seen before on any roads. It was because we had to drive to Ain’s sister’s house at Taman Bukit Kinrara. We took the Middle Ring Road 2 westbound. The traffic suddenly slowed and moved as like treacle for a kilometre. Then I saw the thing I’ve not seen before on roads. The stretch of road coming downhill from Cheras bent to the right, squeezing between the Giant Supermarket at Connaught and the great big Chinese cemetery. There were people – drivers who had stopped – standing near it, and they too were standing on the road and not on the curb – not that there was a curb by the side of the road. The thing on the road wasn’t big nor small, but it was noticeable enough under […]

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As We Turned the Corner…

It was a fine sunny day as we sped southbound the Gua Musang road from Pasir Mas to Kuala Lumpur. There were still thirty kilometres or so from where we were to Gua Musang. Sparse but sometimes breathtaking limestone hills flank us, each hill seemed ankle deep in the greenery of oil palm trees. The radio was on full blare with Raihan’s Puji-pujian and the road was following along a curve. Suddenly, a shocking sight was revealed to us. We avoided colliding with the car, passed it and parked beyond. It must have had happened very recently since we were the first car that stopped to give aid. There was no other vehicle apparently involved, therefore it must have been barrelling down the road with some speed. It must also have rolled over at least once since its roof was pressed down into the car. There were three occupants in […]

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A Fantastic Tale of Old

I realise that since this blog went online, there hasn’t been any entry that features some sort of fantastic anecdote that happens to me during the day. Like being at the zoo and a herd of rampaging rhinos escape their pen, or my needing to jump from one rooftop to an adjacent rooftop to save my life, or a meteorite that crashes and irradiates me, ultimately endowing me with super powers… One of the reasons is because I’m working full-time to get my e-book website online, I don’t go outdoors as I much as I used to anymore. The good old days were when I was working 5 days on, 5 days off in Terengganu on the east coast. 5 days off time and being aimless gave me a lot of opportunities to get into adventures. And when I worked in marketing at the advertising company in 2000, I was […]

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