Ya Seen For Nyang

Last Monday, Irfan’s only living great grandmother passed away. She was 91 and only after her death did we learn that both Irfan and his Nyang shared a birthday.

We departed for Pasir Mas to pay our last respects to Nyang. Because of financial reasons we had never balik kampung to Pasir Mas in the entire year of 2014.

Joy overcame sombreness

Joy overcame sombreness

For a moment we had to cancel the trip which saddened Irfan a great deal as he was looking forward to meet his cousin Aiman who he had not seen since we left Kuala Lumpur. Then a cheque cleared at the bank.

Pasir Mas cemetery

Pasir Mas cemetery

Irfan read Ya Seen at Nyang’s graveyard with Aiman at his side.

Aiman listens to Irfan's recitation

Aiman listens to Irfan’s recitation

Tok Bah and Tok Ma also read Ya Seen for Nyang’s departed husband who Irfan never met.

Ki's grave

Ki’s grave

Earlier, Irfan and Aiman also taught (or attempted to, as time was short) their second cousins to play Uno.

At least he didn't try to teach them to play Legendary

At least he didn’t try to teach them to play Legendary

Needless to say, Irfan spent as much as he could playing with Aiman and his sister Zara before they left for Kuala Lumpur.

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