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Exsanguination Day at the Mall

Posted by Hisham
Monday 15 May 2006 at 10:19 pm.
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Because Irfan's Cik Emma missed having her blood drained out of her body, we took a drive to nearby Cheras Leisure Mall where a blood donation drive was underway last Saturday. Cik Su F, a-visiting from MIAT, was along for the ride.

There was a great number of people in line signing up for the blood donation. As Cik Su F covered Emma's six, Irfan, Ain and I traipsed around the mall window shopping.

Car park
Irfan, Ain and her sisters by the car at the Leisure Mall car park.

Car park stairwell
Leaving the lower levels of the car park, Irfan climbed the stairs looking for the way into the mall.

Mall bridge
Ain & Irfan at the covered bridge connecting the two wings of the Leisure Mall, where F-16s could fly beneath for a dramatic, shock and awe impact.

Top floor
The interior of the mall, at the top floor, close to the blood donation drive area. Sunlight streamed in, and it was sunny throughout the rest of the day.

Signed in blood
Cik Emma signing up for the blood donation drive.

Vantage point
The concourse as seen from the top floor of the mall. The stunts we could have performed here with liquid cable shooters.

Circling the pillar
The first thing Irfan did, of course, was to make friends with a chick and play together.

New friends
After the chick left, Irfan deployed his toy vehicles from his pants' pocket and share them with other kids in the area.

Hot wheels
They played well together. When we left Irfan shook their hands and happily said, "Bye-bye". Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Emma getting her blood sucked out of her arm cause as Irfan, Ain & I had lunch, they were done before we were done.

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