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Torchwood Is An Anagram, See?

Posted by Hisham
Wednesday 08 November 2006 at 10:47 pm.
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Some TV stuff:

Captain Jack is looking for a sex-addicted gas alien
I've seen the pilot of BBC's new Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood and I like it so far. The production design is leaps and bounds better and a far cry from the time Tom Baker was the good doctor. It follows the adventures of the Torchwood Institute branch dubbed Torchwood 3 which is based in Cardiff.

Apparently Torchwood One in London was destroyed in a recent Doctor Who episode (which I haven't seen), Torchwood Two is in Glasgow (with a "very strange man"), Torchwood Three are the protagonists led by Captain Jack Harkness a former Doctor Who companion and Torchwood Four is... missing.

We get to see the weirdness of the investigations (which involves aliens and other strange things slipping through a rift in and around Cardiff) through the eyes of newbie Gwen Cooper.

In other news, Heroes' Hiro has posted D&D stats of himself on his blog:

Hiro (Future)
STR: 14 (I'm going to have to work out more to get this)
DEX: 18 (with +4 modifier) (ditto as above)
CON: 12
INT: 18 (I can use magic)
WIS: 17 (I survive till the future so I have to be wise (^o^))
CHA: 15
Race: Human (Japanese)
Alignment: Lawful Good
AC: -1 (I would think that I would be wearing lighter gear, but get AC
dexterity bonus)
Class: Kensei

No Base Attack Bonus?

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