A Novel Tale of a Novel Cover

Once upon a time, I went to study on how to repair flying machines. During my dozens of years (not really, just 2 and a half years) of studying there were many instructors that taught me different aspects of flying machine repairs. Some taught me metalwork, some taught me electrics, some taught me theory of flight. One particular person taught me about turbine engines. He was a tall gentleman, he was. Over the years after I returned home, I’ve always known from second hand accounts that he’s now living in this country. In recent years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with him again briefly. Last month, he and his lovely wife came down all the way from Ulu Klang (which is about 10 klicks up the Middle Ring Road) asked me to produce a cover for a science fiction novel that he has written and is about to […]

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The Gallery Is Upgraded

After a long time of uploading images and hard coding the html (and later php) files into the Hishgraphics Gallery, I’ve now deleted the old setup and replaced it with a proper Coppermine Gallery CMS. It took some time to get the hang of the system, but I think I have it down enough to get by. There are still a bunch of stuff from the old gallery still not updated to the new place, but I’ll fill it up as time goes by. Sorry, I don’t intend for the gallery to be a community site – that’s what this blog is for – so comments and ratings are disabled. Just enjoy the stuff I got on there. [[image:gallery_upgrade01.gif:Dark Finale and Symphony of Light:center:0]]

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Two Alien SWAG Requests

It’s been a while since I took some time off to draw requests for SWAG. Here are two new characters: Colonel Toby Aambar, as requested by “donp” and Whistler, as requested by “Velovich”. Toby is an Ortolan not an ortolan, and Whistler is a Tynnan, whose species first appeared in Brian Daley’s Han Solo’s Revenge. Click to expand images: [[popup file=”swag_aambar.jpg” description=”(thumbnail)” alt=”Toby Aambar” align=”left” ]] [[popup file=”swag_whistler.jpg” description=”(thumbnail)” alt=”Whistler” align=”left” ]]

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Kaydra Leeronel

A Donovian Technician on SWAG

Here’s Frobi-wan Kenobi’s request which I did on Star Wars Artists’ Guild, a female tech from the rainy world of Donovia, Kaydra Leeronel. Click here to read the request thread. Click here to see a bigger picture on SWAG. Click here to an even bigger picture on deviantArt. Click here to play Chasm. It’s Irfan new favourite game and it has nothing to do with this post at all.

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Three Recent SWAG Requests

[[popup:berdan.jpg:(thumbnail):Berdan Angantire:left:1]][[popup:ryavar_dyarek.jpg:(thumbnail):Ryavar Darek:left:1]][[popup:jacen_fel.jpg:(thumbnail):Jacen Fel:left:1]]Here are three recent Star Wars Artist Guild requests. Each thumbnail is a link to a bigger artwork. From left to right: Berdan Ngajio Angantire is a Mandalorian Death Watchman‘s son, Ryavar Darek is a Togorian Jedi and Jacen Fel is an Imperial Knight from the Legacy era. Click on the links on their names to view even larger pieces of artwork on deviantArt. There are links to the SWAG pages from the deviantArt pages.

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Gungan Slicer, A SWAG Request

[[popup:gunganslicer.jpg:(thumbnail):… with a bad attitude:left:1]]My first official completed SWAG request since this blog went live is done. The artwork was requested by Acheron and he wanted a picture of a Gungan slicer (a Star Wars term for a hacker, is all). So, here’s a purple skinned Gungan like Captain Tarpals, wearing a headgear with a comlink and a blaster pistol, quickly typing on the keyboard to retrieve some restricted data from a computer database. Hopefully, he isn’t discovered by guards any time soon. As a bonus, here’s a SWAG blog (Swog?) entry of the picture taking it through three days as a work-in-progress in this laptop, from its pencil work in Painter Classic to what it turned out to be.

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Corpsman of the Cybertron Sector

Green Lantern Corps – Roll Out!

You know that one of the lifeforms in the universe that most deserve the Green Lantern Corps power ring is the guy depicted on the left. He has no self-doubt. He has no quantifiable fear. The only thing he’ll pause to is to see if an upcoming battle will have unacceptable collateral damage. But if the collateral damage is acceptable, any enemies (Sinestro Corps, I’m looking at you) will have a Lantern-powered energon sword stabbed at their faces. Click on the thumbnail to see the full version. Click here to see a bigger version at deviantArt.

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A Great Old One Rises

[[popup:cthulhu_ascendant.jpg:(thumbnail):Cthulhu Ascendant:left:1]]Up from cold dark R’lyeh, the Great Old One ascends to the surface to greet the weak-willed ones with despair, madness and obedience, and the rebellious stronger-willed ones with slow, painful death. Nothing will stand in Cthulhu’s way in turning the world into his own hellish playground where the seas and rivers will run red with blood. And the screams of tortured beings will never cease til the stars run cold. Yeah, baby.

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Tacking Into The Wind

Been a while since I fiddled around with Painter Classic, or have an entry in the Artwork category. So off the top of my head I decided to hammer out a galleon. I wonder why a galleon? Did I read or watch something about pirates somewhere? Click here to see a larger picture at DeviantArt.

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When I grow up I wanna be a superhero

Illustration Friday: Super Hero

It’s been several ice ages since I participated in an Illustration Friday. So, here’s one for this week. Created wholly with the Gimp 2.2 using the handy-dandy Wacom – after I finally figured out how to activate pressure sensitivity of the stylus. Which took me an hour or so. The subject is “Super Hero”, something almost ever child dreamed of being at least once in his or her life. So here is a kid acting out his fantasy to be a costumed crimefighter, hopefully without breaking a limb falling off the roof.

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A Matter of Taste

Stuck in the Jam: A Matter of Taste

Whee! A webcomic! Based on a true story, even. Which happened earlier today. Director’s Commentary mode on (since most of the text is in Malay): Normanis isn’t a standard Malay-Muslim name. I’m guessing it’s an allusion to names beginning with “Nor” (or “Nur“) which is Arabic for “light”. Suddenly there’s a Malay word there “manis” which means “Sweet”. Therefore Normanis is literally Sweet Light. Of course, I’m assuming it’s a female name since I’ve never heard it before. To square off the quip, “tawar” for the conjectural husband and “pahit” for the eventual daughter respectively means “tasteless” and “bitter”. I have nothing against your name Normanis, whoever you are. But thanks for being the subject of a side-splitting off-the-cuff joke while we were stuck in a traffic jam which will no doubt be lost on readers of this entry, and I have only one excuse for all of you: “You […]

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Starfleet Officers

From Thirteen Years Ago

Sometimes rummaging through your old stuff that you haven’t touched for years can surprise you in a good way. Yesterday, upon cleaning house I stumbled across three artwork of mine which I made back in 1993, several thousand years before my first foray into the digital medium. Click on the titles to view them in their entirety on deviantArt.

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