Two Codies

Cody vs. Cody

In the early 1950s, Republic Pictures produced a black and white film serial featuring the character named Commando Cody. Cody was featured in two serials, namely Radar Men from the Moon and Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe. His costume included a helmet and a rocket pack, which allows him to fly. During this time, a young man watched […]

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The Fourth Sensei

Dare Sensei – The Fourth Sensei

Dare Sensei is a webcomic illustrated in manga form, which is an unofficial adaptation of BBC’s Doctor Who, where all the doctors are female. I’ve been commissioned by the writer of Dare Sensei to create any incarnation of the Senseis, and I’ve opted to illustrate the fourth, which is easily identified in the following image by her long coat, scarf […]

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In the previous entry, we had Spider-Woman. In this entry, we have…another Spider-Woman. Julia Carpenter was the second individual to take the Spider-Woman name. However she is currently known as Arachne of Canada’s super-powered team Omega Flight. Click here for a larger view of the image.

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Here is Jessica Drew, Spider Woman, a New Avenger, an agent of SHIELD, a former agent of HYDRA, a former private investigator. And no, he’s not related to Peter Parker at all. Click here for a larger image.

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Oh, look. It’s Bruce’s cousin Jennifer Walters. The gamma-irradiated Avenger, Agent of SHIELD and a practising attorney-at-law. She’ll punch you as dead as a wayward Skrull at the end of Secret Invasion.

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Shari-Dae Elore

Saviours of the Light

Back in 2002, I was commissioned by Ian Houlihan to come up with five character illustrations for a Star Wars roleplaying game d20 one-shot scenario called Savours of the Light: The Soul Child. The scenario, set during the Dark Times, was to be run at The BIG Weekend. BIG was an acronym for Brisbane Indoor Games, which was obviously held […]

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Thanks, Jo Duffy

Female Nagai

It’s been a while since I did a Star Wars Artists’ Guild request. Here’s an unnamed Nagai female as requested by Matt on the boards for one of his two campaigns. Maybe she’s Xepheer Xeneeth‘s girlfriend or something. A bigger version can be found on DeviantArt.

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The crew of the Fastball Special

The Fastball Express Gang

The Eclipse Phase RPG campaign I’ve been gaming in, gamemastered by Ivan, has been real fun. The posthuman campaign involves the players as “pre-emptive retrieval specialists” who have been plying their trade between Luna, Mars and the asteroid belt. And although I’ve drawn Hokusai before, as well as Billy Cable Jr. and Bishop-6 in vac suits, here is the first […]

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Tortoise vs. Iguana

Gamera vs. Godzilla

800th blog post! Irfan’s been on a daikaiju kick lately. Checking out all the monster throwdowns on Youtube, he’s decided that giant, flying, bipedal sabre-toothed tortoise Gamera is his favourite monster. We quickly illustrated this picture earlier this morning. Click on the thumbnail for the full image.

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Three employees of Fastball Express Inc

Drawing from After the Fall

Eclipse Phase was on today. I played Hokusai Tarnungshaut the uplifted octopus once again. As we played, I sketched the final scenario as we played it. Here we were, Bishop Six, Billy Cable Jr. and I had to rescue Maria, the advisor to the von Trapp family in spaaaace (a bunch of neotenics, really) from the Nine Lives crime syndicate. […]

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Pistol and grenades

Strike Force 7 Spot Illustrations

Recently I was given the task to come up with some spot illustrations for Strike Force 7 – Savaged! from Super Genius Games, the role-playing game that uses the Savage Worlds system. It’s currently available for sale as a pdf on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG, but Super Genius Games will soon be releasing a print edition. Strike Force 7 is basically […]

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Torchwood Penny Dreadful

A Penny Dreadful

… is a penny earned. Or something. Here is an image of a penny dreadful cover I made based on the three characters in the previous entry’s Doctor Who RPG game that chose to stay in the alternate timeline of Victorian London filled with strange alien refugees and hybridised alien technology from the future. Click here to view a larger […]

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Hokusai Tarnungshaut grayscale

In My Garden, In The Shade

My player character in Eclipse Phase is named Hokusai Tarnungshaut. He is an octopus. Specifically, he is a North Pacific Giant Octopus with an uplifted human-like intelligence. He comes with the regular eight arm, a beak and a camouflage skin. He was uplifted by a scientist in a hypercorp during the fall. The hypercorp was destroyed but Doctor Kyle Hoo […]

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Photo by Ivan Tam Studios

A Robot Rescue – Bad Example, Episode 4

Last Sunday, the GOKL gang continued the role-playing adventures of Star Wars: A Bad Example in the Spacelanes. Two new players, Nigel of Singapore who played Bob the Wookiee, and Razzman who played Reelo Jackson the Rodian bounty hunter, joined the party as they embarked on a mission to retrieve their kidnapped crewmates, beginning with Weapon X the HK-78 assassin […]

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