74 Months

74 months of Yaya! [[image:2014-yaya74month-07.jpg:Let’s make funny faces!:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions September had its quiet and un-quiet moments. Vin had to go away for a few days to attend a funeral, leaving me and the kids home alone for the first time. Then we had to go to Tampa, Florida for the new project. All in […]

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12th Birthday Boy

A Birthday Once More

It’s Irfan’s 12th birthday. We were supposed to set something up for him, like allowing him to invite his friends over. But because of low resources, we had to cancel. But Cikma and Ayah Cik The Younger came with a cake anyway, so we held a small gathering. I was not even in the right frame of mind to take […]

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Rafe’s 32 Month Birthday

32 months old now! Only four months (less than that, given the actual date I’m writing this entry) until the boy is three years old! [[image:2014-adik32month-02.jpg:Love this big smile:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions As mentioned before, August was a quiet month where I worked from home and finished out a contract. It was a good month in […]

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73 Months

73 months old now! Please don’t mind the belatedness (and backdated-ness) of the entry. [[image:2014-yaya73month-04.jpg:Happy Yaya!:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions August was a quiet month again – I worked from home the entire time and there was very little drama, etc. We did have Yaya’s birthday party (10 August) so that was definitely fun. A small affair […]

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Rafe’s 31 Month Birthday

And the boy is 31 months old! [[image:2014-adik31month-11.jpg:Happy boy:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions Like Yaya’s 6th birthday, we were in Minneapolis for Adik’s 31-month birthday. It has definitely been a busy and social month, despite it being Ramadan and me being in between projects (or unemployed) for almost 3 weeks. Adik is happily reading away, and his […]

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Not the DS9 Promenade

Salam Aidilfitri from Sitiawan Again

Semalat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Eid Mubarak from the ol’ hometown. From the our household, who are spending the Eid at Irfan’s Atok and Opah’s place. We drove home from KL at 2am. Everyone except Ayah Cik, Cik Dik, Yaya and Adik! Whom we all miss. Lumut promenade at the waterfront was all lit up and filled with merry […]

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72 Months (a.k.a the sixth birthday!)

And so the girl is now six years old! 72 months old! Hurrah!! [[image:2014-yaya72month-33.jpg:My big six-year-old:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions Apparently we are feast or famine type people. After the end of June (and the end of my contract), a month where we did not do anything at all – did not go anywhere or do anything […]

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Irfan loves his burger

Iftar at Some Place Fancy

We rarely ate out for iftar this year. So we thought we’d go to the Kluang Station restaurant before Ramadhan was over. The Kluang Station restaurant was nearby and not in Kluang; though I’ve been to the Kluang Station restaurant in Kluang. Ain headed there after work to get some groceries. Irfan and I rendezvoused with her there after Maghrib […]

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Food consumption

Iftar at Irfan’s School

Irfan’s school raised enough money to build a dedicated surau not just for the students and staff, but is open for the public. We attended its opening ceremony which also had Maghrib, Isha’ and Tarawikh prayers. The school principle was on hand with the PTA president to commemorate the event with a plaque. There was a tazkirah by an uztadh […]

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Once more... I HATE TERMITES!

The Blasphemous Bookcase at the 10th Floor

The bookcase was getting messier and messier. So Ain thought it was time for a bookcase cleaning. I helped, but I also took some photos. All these books below were all over the place. I thought this clean-up would be a good time to put them all together on one shelf. Maybe I’ll call it the Legends shelf. *snerk* Here […]

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Rafe’s 30 Month Birthday

Adik is two and a half! 30 months old! Happy half birthday, little boy! [[image:2014-adik30month-02.jpg:Innocent and a little amused:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions As stated in Yaya’s  71 month entry, June was a very quiet month where I just worked to finish out my contract. So we didn’t have many adventures outside the house. Adik however is […]

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71 Months

71 months! One more month and the girl is six years old! How amazing is that? Where does the time go? [[image:2014-yaya71month-02.jpg:My baby girl:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions Where May was a very social and filled with travel month, June was quite the opposite. We sat at home while I worked like crazy to finish out my […]

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Irfan enjoys the water

We Keep Going Back To Sungai Congkak

…probably because it’s the picnic spot in the woods that’s closest to us. Still we needed to drive over the hills to reach it. It was Irfan’s school holidays, so Atok and Opah came over for a visit. Sunday morning we went for a picnic. Instead of more pictures of us dipping in the river or having nasi lemak, here […]

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Rafe’s 29 Month Birthday

Adik is twenty-nine months old! [[image:2014-adik29month-20.jpg:Sitting in the grass, enjoying the sunshine:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions What can we say about the boy this month? He seems to just be growing up too quickly! Speech status: Full sentences, singing proper lyrics to songs (more properly than I do), and starting to branch out into other languages. He […]

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70 Months

And Yaya is now 70 months old! Two more months before the big S-I-X! [[image:2014-yaya70month-05.jpg:Demure young lady:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions It has been an eventful and social month. Really beginning from being on the east coast in April for two weeks where we saw work friends and relatives. Zarin stayed with us for almost 10 days […]

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Rafe’s 28 Month Birthday

28 months old! [[image:2014-adik28month-24.jpg:Yaya is holding my eaw!:center:0]] Caveat: this entry (for April) was written in June. Thank goodness for backdated entries! Also, we kind of forgot to take pictures of the boy to document his day any of those days in April. So this month’s entry will be a roundup of my favorite pictures taken in the last month. […]

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