Heading back from Seri Petaling Station

Irfan Takes A Train To The Mall

One activity Irfan and I did this school holiday was to take the Light Rail Transit (LRT), the city-wide train network. He rarely gets to ride on it, since we drive everywhere which is sometimes cheaper depending on the situation. So we thought we’d go to the Mall. We set forth to the station after lunch and soon train came along. The Mall is a mall that is named “The Mall”. It’s like a boy who’s named “The Boy”, or a building that’s named “The Building”. The Parkson department store used to have a good bookstore up at the second floor. I used to browse there while waiting for the intercity bus. (The Putra Bus Station is just across the street.) We went to pick up some art supplies at the Big Bookstore, where Irfan bought this book: Later, we went to the Parkson’s toy section to check out the […]

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"My lightsabre is bigger than yours" "Oh shut up"

Star Wars Crossover

There’s a breach in the space-time continuum and strange, giant robotic entities fly through and bring their own war into the Galactic Republic! However, the creatures look somewhat familiar… eerily familiar. One faction allies itself with the Republic while another with the Separatists. With the sudden inclusion of powerful sapient giant transforming mechanical life-forms, the Clone Wars is taken to the next level!

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Alt-mode Starscream

A Star’s Cream

Here is Starscream. Not the Voyager-class toy, but the smaller Legends-class one, complete with the ‘Tronian markings he got himself waiting for Revenge of the Fallen to be released. Strangely enough, I find this little thing to look much better as an F-22 Raptor than the Voyager-class alt-mode, which has an inordinately huge underbelly.

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PUNCH Gunalan?

The Year the Hasbro Toys Invaded In Tandem

Preview of the upcoming giant robot mayhem movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has been released. In fact, it was shown on TV during the superbowl, and not long afterward the trailers can be viewed in their high definition Quicktime glory at the Apple Trailers site. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights, shall we. Above: Autobot leader Optimus Prime receives a blow to the face, shattering his mouth guard in slow motion. One hopes that he turns around and stabs his assailant in the face with a big ass extendable energon sword as he is wont to do. I have no idea who punches Prime. Above:You wouldn’t want Ravage to bite you, cause after he’s bitten you he’ll probably also fire that big ass cannon in his mouth. Which usually hurts. I wonder if this Ravage can speak, and if he does will he speak in a […]

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Who is the Fallen? Find out after the break

The ‘Tronians Are Back With Friends And Then Some

Check it out: June 2009 will see the release of the sequel to 2007’s Transformers, a movie about cute and cuddly giant robots. Apparently, its full title will be Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The Fallen? That’s a relatively recent addition to the Transformers mythology from 2003 Transformers: The War Within comic book from Dreamwave Productions, which takes place during the Cybertronian War a long, long time before their arrival on Earth. According to his wikipedia entry: One of the original thirteen Transformers created by Primus, the robot who would become the Fallen betrayed his creator by siding with Primus’s dark twin, the malevolent planet-eater, Unicron. In the final battle between Primus and Unicron, the Fallen fell victim to the same fate as his master, sucked through a black hole into another dimension. However, while Unicron emerged into another universe, the Fallen was not so fortunate, finding himself trapped in […]

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Malaysia Trip – Part I

I know I’ve been quiet. I don’t know why but somehow I sort of slipped into a bit of a hibernation period. I haven’t really done very much, haven’t swept the floors either (that’s next on the list). I really have to get started on sharing the pictures from our awesome 4-week trip (3 weeks in Malaysia, 1 week in Australia). So here it is, the beginning of the sequence. These are the pictures that I took the first few days we got home. I admit it – I was pretty exhausted and didn’t take as many pictures as perhaps I should have, plus then the camera battery conked out and all kinds of excuses. We were only in Malaysia for 2 and a half days before we had to set off for Perth. So we stayed on the 10th floor (enjoying the view) with Hisham and the rest of […]

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Finally! Transformers: The Score!

One of the things that I looked for immediately after watching Transformers was the soundtrack CD. I was disappointed that there was only Transformers: The Album released which had, you know – a bunch of songs. The Linkin Park song What I’ve Done wasn’t too bad. So were the songs from Goo Goo Dolls and Smashing Pumpkins. But there was not one track released that had the movie’s orchestral score as composed by Steve Jablonsky. In fact there was no score soundtrack album at all. I’ve been monitoring the online news about the status of the score soundtrack. On or off? There was an online petition, but would it work? Sifting through a ton of information in the internet I found only an mp3 of Jablonsky’s Decepticon theme on the web. And there was nothing on Amazon.com… until last month or so. And as of last week, it’s been released. […]

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Oh no a box

Irfan: Five Years After the Day

Tonight was Irfan’s 5th birthday, as can be noted via the photo of his cake below. See? It’s in the shape of the number five. Five. Five candles, ah ah ah. But yeah, Ain noted that it looks like the letter ‘S’. Here is the close up of the ancient inscription found on the cake during the archaeological dig: So, here we go by the numbers as per last year. Many thanks to Atok Irfan for his photography skills to get great photographic shots: Then I got behind the camera to take a picture of Atok & Opah Irfan: There were two cameras trying to take a photo of Irfan and Cik Emma. However, both were looking at the other camera when the button was pressed. Finally Irfan receives his birthday present from Atok Irfan! Check out the excitement in his eyes: It’s an Optimus Prime! But…. how to get […]

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Which Transformer Are You?

It’s Athena’s fault. Suddenly I’m 84% Optimus Prime! Optimus Prime Optimus Prime is the heroic leader of the Autobots. He is the personification of courage, strength, and integrity. His personal motto is that “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.” Like Optimus Prime, you are good by nature. But beware because mischievous thoughts sometimes tempt you. You are inspiring, confident, and a natural leader. The Autobots have chosen well. In addition, you enjoy being one step ahead of your friends as far as trends and technology. I AM 84% OPTIMUS PRIME Take the Transformers Quiz

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Corpsman of the Cybertron Sector

Green Lantern Corps – Roll Out!

You know that one of the lifeforms in the universe that most deserve the Green Lantern Corps power ring is the guy depicted on the left. He has no self-doubt. He has no quantifiable fear. The only thing he’ll pause to is to see if an upcoming battle will have unacceptable collateral damage. But if the collateral damage is acceptable, any enemies (Sinestro Corps, I’m looking at you) will have a Lantern-powered energon sword stabbed at their faces. Click on the thumbnail to see the full version. Click here to see a bigger version at deviantArt.

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Can Anyone Guess This Tune?

[[popup:aota.jpg:(thumbnail):I hope I remember the music theory:left:1]]So my keyboard, an old Yamaha PSR-300, has been out of commission for a while since the power adapter died a glorious death. Then, there was a movie score tune that has been playing incessantly in my mind, so I decided to write it down somewhere. But since the keyboard is non-functional, there was no way I could play the tune on it. So yesterday I thought why not search the net for a virtual keyboard. Bingo. Then playing the tune, I thought… why not write it down. So I wrote it down. Click on the thumbnail to see if: I still remember my music theory and notes and symbols and whatnots. You can identify the tune. P.S. I don’t think I have a category for this type of crap on the blog. Oh well. P.P.S. Playing a virtual keyboard using a graphics tablet […]

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Can you see all five of the robots in hiding?

No Sacrifice, No Victory – A Transformers Review

First of all, I along with a couple of other pals, were the dudes who taped the Transformers episodes when the first aired (long before they were known as G1), to try to identify all of them. So yeah, even after more than 20 years later I can still name all 18 of the original Autobots who crash-landed on Earth on the Ark. So this movie is a big deal for me. The idea of seeing photorealistic giant robots prance on the screen, firing missiles at and beating the crap out of each other, transforming into cars and burning rubber on the highway…. is sort of a holy grail. Walking up the hallway to the escalator in Cineleisure that will take me to the Cathay Cineplex (with Irfan in tow), Remembering the first time I heard they were going to produce the Transformers movie, I told Awie, “I’ve been waiting […]

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A reader of books

Irfan’s One Utama Walkabout

One fine day, Irfan Shafiq went a-walking about the hallways of the mall known as One Utama. Movie Carnival 2007 weekend was just around the corner. So there were plenty of well-known characters loitering about the concourse of the new wing of the mall. One of the most remarkable things there would be this here thing in the following photo. A Transformers movie Optimus Prime! It’s not on sale yet for another two more days. Apparently the guy bought it off eBay. A stellar looking toy! Not too far away, Irfan got his photo taken with some famous Cybertronians in their latest guises, Optimus Prime and Megatron… ….as well as the gang from Far, Far Away Land… … and the family from the Evergreen Terrace in Springfield, USA. All the way from Zenn-La is the former astronomer turned Herald of Galactus, Norrin Radd. Because he was positioned at a high […]

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Optimus starts dancing to "Born To Be Stupid"

This Will Be The Awesomest Movie Of 2007

Ironhide twists and jumps away from the path of the incoming missile, and as he falls in slow mo he fires off a missile of his own. Holy shit! This will be for me THE movie of 2007. The recent Transformers trailer than was released last week dropped a couple of jaws. It had a close-up of Bumblebee transforming, Optimus Prime transforming with the classic cartoon sound effect, Starscream jumping up and transforming into an F-22 in mid-flight, Megatron about to stomp on Jazz in mid-flight, and Bonecrusher expressing his distaste for the public transport system on a bus. As a fan of the cartoon series and the awesome 1986 animated movie, I have no expectations of this live-action movie being a faithful adaptation of them. In fact how can one be a faithful adaptation of Transformers cartoon when you have Generation 1, Generation 2, the Marvel series, Energon, Armada, […]

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