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Wandrella – With Stats!

From the first ever Star Wars original novel, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye by Alan Dean Foster, is the giant worm known as wandrella. It was visually defined by Chris Sprouse in the Dark Horse Comic adaptation mini-series. There is a link to the D6 stats below, and comparable (more or less) FFG stats are displayed beneath it. Why would you not want your player characters face a giant slimy albino worm that could burst out of the ground or a dark, dank cave during their adventures? D6 Stats Click here to view FFG Stats Wandrella [Rival] Brawn 5 Agility 1 Cunning 2 Intellect 1 Presence 2 Willpower 2 Skills: Brawl 2, Perception 2, Survival 1 Talents: None Soak/Defense: 6/0 Wound Threshold: 25 Abilities Silhouette: 3 Attack Bite: Brawl, Damage 6, Crit 3, Range [Engaged], Sunder. (If 5 Advantages are generated then the prey being bitten is swallowed whole.) Note: […]

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Barri – With Stats!

Like the space slug, the barri is another beast that lives in vacuum. A barri breaks down asteroids using its acid secretions with its mouth and absorb its nutrients. It can also propel itself by expelling gaseous waste underneath its quadridactyl base. (Yes. It farts though space between asteroids.) Being semi-sapient, it can form telepathic bonds with spacers allowing them permission to hitch intersystem rides on the hull of starships. It can also bestow instinctive astrogation figures to their mind-bonded spacers, giving them faster, better routes through hyperspace. The creature first appeared in West End Games’s Creature of the Galaxy in 1994. Its write-up and D6 stats can be found at pages 12-14. I have converted them (more or less) to Fantasy Flight Games’ Edge of the Empire RPG system here. Because the central theme of Edge of the Empire is spacers making a living in the galaxy, the barri would be […]

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It should read "Concealed Sidearm"

Night’s Black Agents: Attack On Titan

Previously, Nikolai Kaidanovsky, Sami Härkönen, Shiina “Misha” Mikado and Zlatan Kljujic were joined by the French thief Marcel Clouseau in Bucharest who once dealt with Inish Medical before their exile fro Romania. (Clouseau has been relegated to a non-player character as his player had moved out of town.) At midnight, the agents met up with the freelance cleaner Brendan, who had worked with Misha and MI6 before in Eastern European black ops. Plenty of codewords were exchanged at the café between Misha and Brendan before trustworthiness was established. In the end though no one could tell if a codeword was being used. Brendan said, “Thank you, I’ll leave now.” Misha paused for a second then asked, “Is that a code phrase or are you actually leaving?” “Yes.” DAY 04 Sunday Before Dawn Sami and Zlatan prepared to support Clouseau’s undercover dog-catching job at the Harmony Wings apartment building near Lake […]

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BU-77 v3 WIP

BU-77, Fugitive ARC Trooper

I once posted about BU-77 the ARC Trooper, my Star Wars D6 RPG character from the  Team: Sabredart campaign, complete with D6 stats. Recently, I found a line art of BU-77 that I drew after became a fugitive from the Republic and wore a new costume he found aboard the Mandalorian Dungeon Ship Lost Hope. So I imported the drawing to GIMP and painted it up a bit. Also, I experimented with layers a bit. I duplicated two extra layers, colourised the first two layers green and red respectively, set them to Multiply and Screen respectively and offset each layer from another by a couple of pixels causing the above effect to happen. The works in progress can be seen below. Boggles my mind that the first two pieces on the left were made almost 10 years ago. The one on the right is the penultimate version before I began […]

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A modified Nebulon-B escort frigate

Cartol’s Emporium

Jegergryte did not wish to disturb me after I created artwork for his Edge of the Empire group, so he requested an artwork on SWAG. After a month or so without being picked up – and I had some free time to spare – I yoinked it The drawing of the modified Kuat Drive Yards EF-76 Nebulon-B escort frigate would be used for the cover of his Edge of the Empire homebrewed supplement entitled Cartol’s Emporium. To make the Emporium seem busy with business, I also included other ships in the artwork. Ships from campaigns I ran or played in! Clockwise from lower left: Nova Coyote – a Corellian YT-1760 from WOTC’s Star Wars Gamer from Team Sabredart the SWAG Clone Wars D6 campaign. A Bad Example – a SoroSuub Personal Luxury 3000 space yacht from A Bad Example in the Spacelanes our D6 campaign here a couple of years […]

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Che Rohn

Jegergryte’s Crew

Some months back, I drew some player characters for Jegergryte‘s Edge of the Empire RPG player characters. I pushed my digital painting abilities, exercising my skills so they would be closer to what they should be if I am to land better freelance art jobs. Jace Maverick is a swashbuckler with a vibrorapier and a charming smile. I thought I’d give him a costume design resembling the Naboo Security Force’s. Thracken “The Kraken” Artox is a grimy Rodian gadgeteer with a cyborg eye and a MerrSonn Type-434 “DeathHammer” heavy blaster pistol which obviously has been through a lot. Doc Ariela Mengalic a.k.a. Ghia Necil Zilar is a Colonist / Doctor. She has a Tenloss DXR-6 disruptor rifle, a medpac on her hip and a bandoleer of ready-to-use stimpacks. Walian “Blue” Mothma is a human Force sensitive assassin who wields a BlasTech A280 blaster rifle, with a underslung grenade launcher.   […]

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What's under the kimono?

Eclipse Phase: Web of the Jorōgumo

Eclipse Phase: Clouds of a Morning Star continued from the previous session at Wira Games and Hobbies. Location: Aphrodite Prime, about 50 km above Venus’ surface. Active Gamera Security (GamSec) Personnel: DANAI and Wandering Ina (and Wandering Ina-α) the infomorphs, Boris Ivanov Rasputin the Second – a neo-hominid lawyer in the shaper morph, William Cable Jr. – paranoid terrorist in a neotenic pod morph and Hokusai Tarnungshaut – neo-octopus artist in a slitheroid morph. Inactive Personnel: Badal Jones – Lunar Lagrange Alliance (LLA) envoy. Mission: To provide security and investigative services to Badal’s superior the LLA’s ambassador during an art show at the Cumulus Hotel, where reclusive posthuman artist Marquis d’Homem-Christos would be showcasing alien sculptures he collected from the extraterrestrial Factors. LLA had intercepted a vague communique about a terrorist attack during the event and would like the attack thwarted. Their secondary mission was to help Gretchen Ambelina of Pax […]

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XJ-13 vs. Taoitora

Mecha Kaiju Cover

After producing some interior artwork for Heroic Journey Publishing’s Mecha Mercenaries last year, they commissioned some more artwork for their new supplement, Kaiju: A Mecha Supplement of Terrible Creatures and Giant Fighting Robots to be released in the near future. Click here to check out Mecha Mercenaries at RPGNow. You would require the Chris Perrin’s Mecha RPG core rule book to run the game. Check out the cover of the mecha Experimental XJ-13 versus the spaceborne kaiju Taoitora below.

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Painting Plates

Since Yaya loves doing artwork so much (just like a certain Pak Yope of hers), we found a place nearby, Paintbrush Pottery, where you can choose something ceramic (a plate, figurine, etc.), paint it, and they would fire it up and glaze it for you. It was a nice Saturday afternoon surprise activity for Yaya. She wasted no time in choosing an owl plate to paint and an angry bird figurine for Adik. [[image:2013_paintpot01.jpg:Painting the owl plate:center:0]] However, Adik was not overly interested in all the painting. [[image:2013_paintpot02.jpg:Adik plays with Papa’s phone:center:0]] It was a bit of a challenge in the beginning. Yaya is used to just painting willy-nilly, but with pottery, you have to think about it in advance, plan it and then paint it. Meaning, you need to paint all the light colors first and gradually get to the dark colors. Also, each color needed to be painted […]

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Pui-ui Explorer


The Pui-ui was a sapient species created by Brian Daley for his 1980 novel Han Solo and the Lost Legacy. (I love the book. I’ve even ran games that took different gaming groups to Dellalt a few times.) I searched the internet for pictures of them but none was to be found. So I thought I’d paint some simple sketches of the alien. According to the Wookieepedia article there were two versions descibed in two different versions of A Guide to the Star Wars Universe. There were suggestions on Twitter for me to draw both versions. So here they are, each with character ideas for RPGs. For a larger view at DeviantArt, click here. For a larger view at DeviantArt, click here.

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Yes, that is a Top Secret movie quote right there

Salvage Ops Card Art

Here are a series of artwork for Salvage Ops card game by DWD Studios. Players play members from four space salvage corporations. Here are five of the gear in space derelicts that the players could grab for points during the game, and two of the hazard card artwork that might thwart your operations! Purchase the game, which is now available at GameCrafters!  

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Doctor Who: Olujimi and Fox

Doctor Who AITAS: Fox and Olujimi

Irfan and I made player characters for Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space RPG. We might be playing the characters Doctor Simon Olujimi and Max Fox soon, game mastered by Doug. Here is their backstory and how they came to be travelling with the Doctor: Big game hunter Lord Percival Breybrooke was on a safari in the Kenyan jungle in 1977 when he was corrupted by alien tech that he had unwittingly unearthed. The alien tech grafted itself onto him and drove him insane. He went on a killing spree, shooting humans and animals with his arm-grafted energy weapon. Doctor Olujimi was the one treating injured villagers. All of a sudden, a man mysteriously popped out of nowhere, with a burnt out wrist Vortex Manipulator. This temporal event somehow activated a similar time device on Lord Breybrooke’s alien graft and he was shunted into another time in a burst […]

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Raise your salvage ops hand high

Salvage Ops Box Art

I have been working on artwork for card prototypes for a card game entitled Salvage Ops by DWD Studios. The game allows players to take charge of four space salvage corporations. They play the cards to explore, encounter threats, retrieve salvageable gear (see the blog post here for samples of the gear) and win points. The box art can be seen below. I hope this game sees production soon! Update (30th Aug 2013): The game is now available at GameCrafters!

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