Sasha and two Quarrens meet some droids

Paper Minis: Elite Battle Droids

We return to the droid army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, specifically the BX commando droids and the Droideka destroyer droids; six each. These should be fearsome enough mechanical obstacles for your players. You could use these paper miniatures in a Clone Wars campaign for the Star Wars roleplaying game, but you could also have these appear in Rebellion Era campaign whereby players discover private individuals or corporations or governments that still employ these droids for security purposes. Perhaps players stumble across a crashed Separatist warship where these droids have long been in stasis, awaiting for some clumsy character to inadvertently activate them. Click here to download the PDF from Google Drive.

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What's that Eliminator 434 doing behind them

Paper Minis: Specialised Stormtroopers

More Imperial paper miniatures for Star Wars RPG! Imperial Radiation Zone Assault Troopers a.k.a. “Radtroopers” are a specially trained and geared subgroup in the Stormtrooper Corps that fight in highly radioactive environments. Use them when the player characters are in “hot” zones. Crashed. Rescue operations. These troops can be the opposition. Imperial Storm Commandos are an elite members of the Stormtrooper Corps that perform covert operations, sabotage and precision strikes behind enemy lines. You could use them whenever you want Imperial armoured ninjas to be a thorn on the player characters’ sides. Click here to download and assemble the paper miniatures from Google Drive.

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Isn't there a union they could join?

Paper Minis: Treaty of Vontor

Once upon a time, during the war between the Hutts and Xim the Despot, the Treaty of Vontor was drawn between the Hutt families and three major species in the Si’Klaata Cluster, namely the Klatooinians, the Niktos and the Vodrans. After winning the battle, these species became permanently subservient to the Hutts. These are aliens that only appeared in Return of the Jedi, so no Vodrans. Sorry, Vodrans. Also known as the Day The Earth Stood Still-referenced aliens. “Nikto” originally referred to the Red Niktos (Kajain’sa’Nikto) that appeared in Return of the Jedi. Eventually it became the name of the entire species. “Klaatu” originally referred to the green-skinned skiff guard in Return of the Jedi. The name stuck over the years and the species was renamed Green Nikto (Kadas’sa’Nikto). “Barada” still refers to the skiff guard and the head of Jabba’s vehicle pool. His species was officially named Klatooinian. Download […]

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Weequays and Gamorreans

Paper Minis: Hutts’ Hired Hands

Anybody up for five Weequays and five Gamorreans in paper miniature form for Star Wars RPG? If your player characters will be facing off a Hutt crime lord (or a Hutt business owner), you can have the Hutt protect by these employees. I should have made these up before I ran Return to Mos Shuuta. I have run adventures that took place on Sriluur before, by the way. Plenty of Weequays there. Download the Hutts’ Hired Hands paper minis from Google Drive here.

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Maybe it's the Uulshos Justice Droid I DON'T KNOW!

Paper Minis: Assassin Droids

But how do droids consume hashish?! The Eliminator 434 assassin droid was statted up from a concept art in West End Games’ Star Wars Sourcebook. The IG-86 sentinel droid appeared in multiple episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars. Since IG-88 is (more or less) unique, I gather they had to come up with a new type of droid that resembles it. Click here to download them for printing and assembling. Bonus pic: Here’s a screencap from behind-the-scenes preview features of the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated series. See anything familiar?

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The board

Paper Minis: Geonosians

I created some Geonosian paper miniature for Star Wars RPG. Geonosians get their own sheet because the general need for it at present thanks to Act 2 of The Long Arm of the Hutt for Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner Game which takes place on Geonosis. My own session of Act 2 was renamed “Aggressive Negotiations” that only had one Geonosian Archdukes instead of two Dukes. But the sheet linked below has two differently coloured Dukes to be used with the adventure, as well as 8 drones. Download them here from Google Drive.

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Imperial Officers

Paper Minis: Imperial Officers

Imperial Security Bureau Major Mar Barezz turned up in a Star Wars RPG session earlier this year, 25 years after he first appeared in Rebel Breakout, which I ran back in ’89. He appeared in meatspace as a paper miniature as can be seen above. Here are a bunch of Imperial officers paper miniatures I made for your Star Wars RPG. There are 12 of them in this file. 4 Fleet officers, 4 Stormtrooper officers, 2 Imperial Security Bureau officers and 2 Imperial Ubiqtorate officers. Click here to download the PDF file on Google Drive.

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Fringer Class of '51

Paper Minis: Mos Eisley Aliens

This batch of Star Wars RPG paper minis are aliens (designed by either Stuart Freeborn’s or Rick Baker’s team) for the Mos Eisley Cantina sequence in the first Star Wars movie. These guys were actually at the sound stage as masks. Here are 10 of the unique aliens to be used as spacers, fringers, bureaucrats, mooks or even innocent bystanders. This batch includes the Advozse, Brizzit, Givin, Gotal, Morseerian, Nimbanel, Sakiyan, Siniteen, Snivvian and Yam’rii. And yeah, alien species like Brizzit and Yam’rii are rarely found in other Star Wars literature. We need game and character generation stats for these babies. Mong the species that did not make the cut on this file were Lutrillian, H’nemthe and Vuvrian. The spaceport control office has two astromech droids to aid them in their close orbit and airspace operations. Enjoy! Click here to view and download it from Google Drive!

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Security and OOM-series commander

Paper Minis: B1 Battle Droids

B1 battle droids make great mooks for the Star Wars RPG. They are ubiquitous during the Clone Wars era, and gamemasters can have them laying about all over the galaxy during the Dark Times and Rebellion eras. Some crime lord might be using them to guard his cache of treasure, or the player characters might stumble across a crashed Trade Federation ship with a whole battalion of them a jostle away from reactivation. One wayward droid might have been overlooked and is now a notorious gunslinger at the edge of the Outer Rim Territories, or in the Kathol Outback. These photos display my old B1 paper minis. The PDF linked at the end of this article is a totally new and better file with new line art and colour schemes for the droids. Below is the PDF file with 12 B1 droids, which includes 1 commander with yellow markings, 5 […]

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EOTE Beginner Game

Paper Minis: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

So, since Star Wars Edge of the Empire role playing game core rulebook will be delayed another couple of months, many early adopters of the game will still be using the Beta rulebook and the Beginner Game boxed set to run their adventures. As previously stated, the boxed set has four pregenerated character folios and two free for download character folios from the Fantasy Flight Games website. Download the paper miniature characters for the four from the Beginner Game (41-VEX, Lowhhrick, Oskara and Pash) and the two from the website (Mathus and Sasha) at the link below. Click on the thumbnail of Mathus the technician and Oskara the bounty hunter on the right to view the full pdf sheet. You can use them If you’re running the Beginner Game and/or using the downloadable folios for any adventure and/or just looking for general Star Wars paper minis for your own use […]

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Together again for the firsttime

Paper Minis: Alien Fringers

It has been a while since I made Star Wars RPG paper minis. So, here is a PDF that features Wookiees, Aqualish, Rodians, Duros, Ithorians and Quarrens. You can use them as bounty hunters, mercenaries, smugglers, scouts, bodyguards, gunslingers or just a random guy on the street when the shooting starts. Print them out on cardstock, fold and glue them to toughen them… … then prop them up on a base. Also, switch off any table fans. Again, you can download and assemble the bases from the One Monk Miniatures website. Download the PDF for free here from Google Drive.

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From Industrial Automatons

Paper Minis: Astromech Droids

Do you know what any Star Wars RPG campaign requires? A liberal sprinkling of astromech droids all over the landscape. Indoors and outdoors, working or hanging out, moving or stationary, hyperactive or depressed, driven or apathetic. You’d especially want the ubiquitous R-series astromech droids from the manufacturer Industrial Automatons. I’ve had these made up for more than two weeks now and here they are for download! Download these astromech droids from Google Drive here.

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Be prepared

Paper Mini Imperial Troops

The ubiquitous Imperial Stormtrooper Corps is feared throughout the galaxy, which warrant their own set of paper minis. Here is a full 8-man stormtrooper squad. Are they Carida Academy graduates or GeNode clones? Who cares. I just want pie. Stormtrooper Scouts a.k.a Scout Troopers are highly mobile and lightly armoured. Here they are aimless without their 74-Z speeder bikes and waiting for the bus. Meanwhile, on the frozen planet of Hoth, four Snowtroopers were about to form a band.However, they forgot their thermal underwear. Storm Commandos use the Scout armour but painted black. So, I just inverted colours on the Scout minis, and voila! (Actually they’re not exactly identical, so these Commando minis aren’t really accurate.) You can also save money by printing these suckers in monochrome. I made them all in black and white. Click here to download the first batch of stormtrooper minis from Google Drive. Click here […]

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Meanwhile, deep within the recesses of Davis, CA

Paper Mini Fringers of Asok Yeesrim

Back in October 2009, I wrote about Asok the SWAGger who turned me into a Rodian Carbineer. I thought Asok’s artwork was clean and concise enough to be turned into paper minis. So I went down to his deviantArt gallery where many fantastic pieces reside to pick 12 artwork to be turned into paper minis. Most of the ones I collected could be considered fringers. There was a spacer, a pirate, some smugglers, pilots and gearheads. I gathered them up and put them into a printable paper mini PDF set. I sent a copy to Asok, and a few hours later – from the other side of the planet – this photo appeared: Download the pdf for free here: Download Asok’s fringers from Google Drive here!

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The gang, arrayed for a photo shoot

Paper Minis for Star Wars RPG

A Bad Example in the Spacelanes Star Wars RPG Paperminis Thanks to Ivan using generic paper miniatures during the Warhammer session last month, it struck me to look for Star Wars RPG paper minis on the web. There are a couple online, but I thought it would be awesome to create my own for my own game. Especially a custom set for the crew of the Bad Example. So I drew up simple illustrations of the player characters, based on the thumbnail to the right there. (Click on it to see a full sized version.) After a some advice from Ivan, a scanning session, a colouring session, a pdf set was produced. Each mini had a base width of 30mm. I also needed bases, so I downloaded some free pdfs from One Monk Miniatures. There are also some free pdf downloads at that website. Check it out if you require […]

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